Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

Rose Mini Cake

Bugs and Flowers Cake

Harry Potter Cakes and Cupcakes!

All the cupcakes together

All toppers were hand sculpted from fondant.


Harry, Ron and Hermione

Sorting Hat



A Hogwarts Book

This is Your Life Cake and Cupcakes

This order was a really radical concept thought of by the family of the customer. For "Nonna's" Birthday party he wanted a 10 inch round cake with 12 corresponding cupcakes. The 10 inch would have a 49 Red Dodge Pick up because Nonna loved this vehicle. The cupcakes were to each have a symbolic item sculpted from fondant to represent a piece of Nonna's life.

The Dodge (piped by frozen buttercream method)

These are a few of the cupcakes. From the front-back we have a brown pupping with piped paw prints. Pup is made from fondant. Cake 2 is a cupcake representing Nonna's love of gardening-three violets and a lady bug made from royal icing. Cake 3-A license plate with "NONNA" on it to represent her love of old pickups. Cake 4-a small girl cutout with "M" on the dress-to represent her grand daughter. Cake 5-Small boy cutout out with "L" on shirt-representing grandson Cake six-A giant music note to represent love of music.

This was put on Cake 7-that you can not see well-Records on a Beatles album cover-to represent more love of music

Cake 8-A purple rose (buttercream icing) and a lady bug-More representation of love of Gardening. Cake 9-Tennis rackets and tennis balls-Love of Tennis. Cake 10-A Whistle with the word "Sis" on top-this is a representation of her father who was in law enforcement and a nickname of hers. Cake 10 and 11-A black cat with paw prints and a grey pup with paw prints. All pieces made of fondant.

This next cake was ordered at last minute due to an increase in party guests. I made an 8X3 Red Velvet round cake to represent her love of gardens and gardening. The flowers are a combo of buttercream icing and royal. Vines done in buttercream. The wooden sign reads: Nonna's Garden-made from fondant. The mini spade- is made from fondant as well. Random bugs are made from color flow.

Cupcake Order!

Cupcake Order! Bugs and Flowers

Baseball Wedding Shower Cake and Cupcakes

Dinosaurs in Lava Cupcakes!

This order was to be Dinosaurs in lava!
Flames cut and added to liners for extra effect :)

Wedding Shower Cake

Hockey Cake

Jack the Pumpkin King Wedding Cake

Cupcake Order!

Bob the Builder Cupcakes and Cake


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